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Shea Nuts Supplier

Vitaglow is believed as one of the top Shea nuts supplier in the United Kingdom. We manufacture Shea butter from the nuts that are mainly obtained from organic Shea trees. Shea butter that we supplies are quality driven. We follow the standardized process to produce Shea butter. Due to our natural process indigenous extraction and sound packaging system, we have a list of famous corporate brands dealing in the retail and cosmetics business.

Shea nuts are obtained from a tree that has a height of 12 meters. The tree contains several spreading branches and a thick trunk which form a dense crown. Shea nuts are found in dry parts of Central Africa’s equatorial belt. The nuts are extracted where palm oils do not grow.

When shea nuts supplier are 10 to 15 years old, they bear fruits. The fruit is allowed to fall on the ground naturally. They form the spherical shape and becomes an ellipsoid berry of about 3 to 5 centimeters long. The fruit comprises of a thin brown shell encapsulating a dark-brown, single egg-shaped seed embedded in a sweet green pulp.

Best Shea Nuts Supplier and Manufacturer in China

On average, 50 kg of fresh Shea nuts provides 20 kilograms of dry kennels that contain fat of about 40-55 per cent. The fat is used in making Shea butter.

The composition of Shea butter’s fatty acid is 4-5% linoleic acid, 49-50% oleic acid, 30-41% stearic acid and 5-9% palmitic acid. Shea butter, usually, is processed to manufacture a substitute of cocoa butter. The butter is used utilized in the cosmetic industry. It also gives a valuable fat source for cooking in the areas, where Shea nuts are produced.

We extract Shea nuts from 21 African countries. So, if you are looking for indigenous Shea nuts supplier, you have landed on the right webpage.


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