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Shea Butter Supplier UK

Vitaglow is one of the leading names when it comes to pure wholesale shea butter. At Vitaglow, Shea butter, we put our utmost effort to provide the customers what they exactly want. We never compromise on the quality. We follow the standardized process which shea butter manufacturers in the world follow. Because of our standardized quality, we are the best shea butter supplier. Our clientele include famous corporate brands, distributors, and various other businesses.

Shea butter is derived from shea nuts. Shea nuts are harvested from ‘shea tree.’ Shea tree is indigenous and can only be found in 21 African countries. As per historians, the process of making shea butter goes back to 2000 years.

The many benefits of shea butter include the enriched properties of Vitamins A, E, and F. Shea butter also works as an antioxidant. Shea butter supplier UK is best for dry skin and skin rash. It is also beneficial to cure itching skin, sunburn, frostbites, dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, wrinkles and blemishes, skin damage from heat, skin cracks, skin peeling, muscle fatigue, shaving itches and rough and tight skin.

We follow the traditional method of extracting shea nuts and convert it to butter. The process starts with collecting nuts from the ground. The nuts are then de-pulped and cleansed.

Wholesale Shea Butter Manufacturers and Suppliers

In the next step, we put the washed nuts to boil for the recommended time. The boiling process serves the objective to get the nuts sanitized and then boiled. Sanitization helps to maintain the nuts’ shape and prevent them from any contaminant to enter in the production cycle. The boiled nuts are now dried and drained out to minimize the moisture content at the standard level. At the recommended moisture level, a traditional rattling noise emerges. Our experienced staff even gauges the time when the sound will be eared. Now the nuts are dry, and they are left to de-husk for about four days. Bad nuts then discarded with sensitivity during the drying process. Resultant quality nuts are then packaged for storage.

To produce shea butter, we crush the nuts, roast them, and expose to the sun before being ground into a thick paste. We mix the paste with appropriate water and segregate into manageable portions. We combine the paste, often by hands, until the butter is separated from the nut paste. Now, a whitish bloom appears which is then scooped and brought to boil.

Boiling process continues until the shea butter appears to the top. The pure wholesale shea butter is then scooped out and left to cool down. As shea butter supplier UK, we make sure that our raw material is ethically procured and successfully delivered to the end consumer.

To produce the best end product, we focus on procuring the best shea nuts. For quality nuts, we hunt the best areas where nuts are of top quality. From procurement to the final product, we have a quality assurance system. So, if you have to select the one among many shea butter manufacturers, Vitaglow is undoubtedly the safest bet.