At Vitaglow, we always try to provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for and seek to provide them with a product of very high quality. Because of this, we receive buy requests from distributors, corporate brands and other business vendors from all over the world looking to buy shea butter and shea nuts in large quantities.

Despite the vast array of products available, it can be challenging to find reliable suppliers in Nigeria to supply them to international buyers. Quality assurance and predictable supply can be difficult to come by. At Vitaglow, we place huge emphasis on ensuring that the end product our customers receive is as good as possible. We don’t cut corners on quality! We are also passionate about ensuring that our products are ethically sourced and have been successfully taking steps to achieve this.

Part of our vision has been to increase the profile of Nigerian shea butter on the international market. Nigeria alone accounts for over 50% of the global supply of shea nuts, over 300,000 tons! However, the level of export fails to match, with the Global Shea Alliance reporting that ony 10,000 tons of shea butter is exported from Nigeria annually. We want to help change this and you can be sure that when you buy from us you are not only receiving shea that is of the highest quality, but you are also helping the women who work so hard to make it all possible.

Reliable Supplier Of Shea Nuts

Shea nuts are where it all begins! Whether you are making your own shea butter, or you manufacture CBEs like shea stearin, the quality of your nuts are the biggest factor in determining the quality of your end product.

We understand this and have a network of local and regional suppliers who are able to source quality nuts for you. The quality of shea nuts can deteriorate very quickly if not properly handled and stored when picked. We make a point to work only with collectors that employ good handling and storage practices to minimise the occurrence of mould or rot in nuts. All shipments undergo and must pass phytosanitary testing before release.

Contact us at enquiries@vitaglow.co.uk to find out more about how we can be of service. We ship worldwide! For RFQs please specify the product you require and your order quantity to help make things more efficient.


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