"It’s the best shea butter I’ve used! Buying another pack before it’s exhausted. Well recommended."
~ Chelsea

"Thank you so much for selling such a pure good grade shea butter. I used it to cure my wiping cough, after 7 weeks of suffering with a severe dry thickly cough, constant cough and sleepless nights. Antibiotics failed woefully, all sorts of cough syrup and lozenges failed…I’m so happy and back to my usual self…I highly recommend this not just for skin but for any type of cough."
~ Olutunje

"I have difficult skin that's dry, oily and breaks out unexpectedly. I have struggled to find anything that works for it but after a few days of using this, my skin is soft and the dark circles under my eyes that have remained almost black for several years are almost gone. It’s a little greasy after application but honestly, it's well worth it.
I truly can’t believe I didn’t try shea butter sooner. Highly recommend to everyone."
~ Sarah

"Bought this as looking for a completely natural moisturiser for my eczema prone skin. The majority of natural products that I’ve used so far, whilst not taking away from the fact they’re good products, are all oil based so this lovely thick creamy butter is a very welcome change. So far I’ve used all over my face and body I’ve had no negative effects in terms of sensitivity at all. In fact it’s cleared a stubborn spot of eczema that I’ve had on my eyelid for months. I’m VERY happy."
~ Emma

"Absolutely amazing product. Arrived on time and you get loads! I’ve used other brands from other sellers in the past this one is the BEST! The high quality of the butter is perfect its rich and soothing on your body and great as a treatment for dry hair. I can’t rate this high enough."
~ Rowena

"Definitely my favourite Shea butter I've ever used on Amazon. Will be recommending this to everyone. Quality second to none. My hair and body just love this shea. It is also excellent to work with, when making products."
~ Sam

"AT LONG LAST I've found a Shea Butter that is FOOD GRADE. I had stopped buying shea butter because I couldn't understand how an edible nut product could be for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Africans cook with Shea Butter so it didn't make any sense for shea butters sold in the UK to be inedible and yet labelled 100% unrefined and natural. With Vitaglow Shea Butter I know that I am using the REAL THING... a chemical free Food Grade Shea Butter. It's great for my hair, my skin and it's edible too! Doesn't get any better than that. I highly recommend this product."
~ Victoria


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