Less than 5% of your skincare products will pass this simple test

In a world of increasingly specialized healthcare, how confident can you be in the products which you rely on every day? Here’s a very simple test to get you thinking about some interesting facts about the contents of your bathroom cabinet:

Step 1: Go to your bathroom and pick up any bottle or tub containing a skincare product that you have used in the last week

Step 2: Look at the label and search for the ingredients list

Step 3: Read out loud the ingredients from start to finish pronouncing every single ingredient.

Step 4: How many of these do you recognise and which of them could you confidently spell out again without the bottle.

Can you get to the end of the label without A) Getting completely bored B) Laughing from bewilderment at the surely made up ingredients or C) Popping down to the ophthalmologist to renew your glasses subscription after struggling with the impossibly small print

If you got to the end of that list then congratulations maybe you are already an all naturale beauty connoisseur but I’m willing to bet you couldn’t. Don’t worry there is a solution later on.

Do you ever consider how clueless you are, about what you smother onto your body every day, and the side effects on your well being over your lifetime? My family and I wrestled with random skin ailments and rashes over the years. Neither our GP or the dermatologist could provide us with a lasting solution and frankly, we would still be suffering today, if we never discovered the cause - OUR PERSONAL CARE REGIME!


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Your personal skincare products: be it your makeup, lip balm, hair conditioner or moisturiser, these days are flooded with all sorts of peculiar ingredients many of which are actually toxins or harmful chemicals.

I was struck by this reality 2 years ago and upon further research my findings were terrifying!

Here are a few shocking truths contains in your routinely used skincare products:

  1. 80 percent of ingredients used in personal care products have never been tested for safety

  2. Fragrance can mean anything. Fragrance or parfum includes overs 400k ingredients which can be hidden under this term, 95% of these are petroleum based. And companies have no obligation to enclose any of these ingredients. Studies have gone one to show that fragrance found in cosmetics products can be harmful to your health.

  3. A number of carcinogenic contaminants are not required to be listed on your ingredients label. Ingredients like Formaldehyde (from DMDM hydantoin) and 1,4-dioxane (from sodium lauryl sulfate can be included without informing consumers

I grew up in rural Nigeria where our skin care consisted of the natural oils, butters, and botanicals that came straight from the natural plants all around us. Terms like acne, eczema or cellulite were never a concern our skin just glowed brighter than the Saharan sun. Life was simple but effective and safe and I wonder why we have we substituted natural goodness/beauty for synthetic mass produced and cheap lab synthesised cosmetics? Little wonder, my family’s bad experience and I believe we are not alone.

For the last two years, I have worked to restore these natural ingredients to my skincare routine and the results have been astounding.

I have searched high and low to find the best ointments that nature has to offer to replace the harmful skincare products that I adopted for almost three decades since I moved to the UK. This search lead me right back to my home nation of Nigeria where I was reunited with a magic tree which grows what I now consider to be my skin’s best friend-Shea Butter.


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It is said that women wear an average of 12 skincare products in the developed world daily which includes around 515 chemicals and men aren’t too far behind I believe. You often get told that you are what you eat  Listen! You are also what you wear in fact in his book Toxic Beauty, Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD, states it’s actually safer to consume your products than to put them on your skin. A percentage of what you put on your skin does enter your bloodstream—and faster than if you swallowed it! Think of nicotine or estrogen patches, used as drug delivery systems because they are an immediate gateway to the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. By ignorantly consuming these products, we expose ourselves to dangerous toxins and harmful chemicals which studies have shown can be detrimental to your health. This is even scarier when you consider how we wear many of these harmful products on our face and body all day without washing them off. Do something now! At the very least I hope, that by the end of this post you will be more mindful and deliberate about what touches your body.

2 years later since my epiphany,  I am now 100% convinced that all your health, beauty radiance can be met in nature! Which is why I started a company - (Vitaglow) - dedicated to creating natural skincare solutions. Why change was has worked for thousands of years!


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The basis of my skincare routine has always been my moisturising lotion. My philosophy for my skincare regime is: if it is not safe to eat, then it is probably not safe to wear. This is why I have spent a lot of time designing and formulating a 100% natural lotion that loves your skin regardless of your age or skin type. I have used only raw ingredients, unrefined and straight from mother nature. This lotion packs together many super ingredients from around the world. The transformation I witnessed in my family by switching since I switch back to safe natural alternative products is mind blowing and I knew that I had made the very best move, which I want to share with families around the world. I present - Vitaglow’s 100% Organic Unrefined Natural Shea Butter Moisturising Cream enriched with a natural blend of essential oils

  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial perfume
  • No 50 letter ingredients

Just mother nature’s finest. Your skin is a spectacle of nature begging for you to give it a break from the tough regime of hard chemicals and synthesised formulas. You’ll soon see and feel why natures way is the best way.

Click This link to get your very own Shea Butter Moisturising Cream and experience your Vitaglow!

P.S. If you would like to read more about the effects of your skincare products to your health visit safecosmetics.org for more information.


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