Which is likely the case across most developed World.

Which is likely the case across most developed World.

There is an increasing awareness of the need to eat well  and stay active for general well - being. Even more so, the most current awakening on the effect of our choice of Personal Care Products (PCP), and their impact on health.  For far too long, PCP has been considered secondary when it came to habits and choices that affects health. It is estimated that the average American woman wears 12 different PCPs per day.

Which is likely the case across most developed World.   Seeing that the skin is the largest organ in our body, (depending on what you wear), it absorbs up to 100% of the PCP you use.   Yet, you are more likely to commit toy our diet than our PCP! Is that true of you? It was the case with me until I came to this truth!, which meant that  harmful skin, hair and household products, are band from my household.

Sadly, many people are still unaware of the fact that they voluntarily or ignorantly  expose themselves to toxic and harmful chemicals through their PCP and household cleaning products. It need not be the case. It has been documented that some of our health issues caused by harmful PCPs include: skin and allergic reactions, reproductive disruption, nerve damage and even cancer (insert one link).  Your well-being is important and your choices and habits should not come at a cost to your health. You can still look and feel good at no cost to your health. You need to adopt a holistic approach:harmonise your diet, with your PCPs. Yes! It is possible. All your health and beauty needs can be sourced and met from nature!

Are you still sitting comfortable or have you embarked on a house sweep yet? At least in your mind! Are you begging to ask the questions on what exactly is in your bathroom and kitchen cupboards?  Take time to read the labels on your PCPs. Here are some of the obvious chemicals and toxic you must avoid:

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