The good news I have for you is that your health and beauty needs can be fully sourced and met in nature in an environmentally sustained manner.

Over twenty years I had periodic unexplained rashes mainly on face.  It was frustrating because I could not tell what caused it but coped because coped because care for my skin was not a priority to a mother of five young beautiful children.  However, sporadic skin irritations with my children left me in and out of the doctor surgery and referrals to the dermatologists. Because the problem was not defined, we received no lasting effective treatment.  I increasingly became conscious of the problem especially on the children. Following a dermatologist in 2016 with my two kids where I was told that it was just eczema and common to my skin type, no more we can do other than body moisturisers.  I left believing there was much that could be done and determined to discover the solution.

This was coming back from the dermatologist with my 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter. The appointment was a disappointment, once again we left without any solution to these persistent irritations. Back home with no change to the problem and treatment, I realised that I could no longer hope and wholly rely on conventional medicine for a fix.

I have known the importance of dies to general well being.  Consequently, I have been very conscious with what, when I eat and how much of it. I have sought to share this in my healthy culinary classes in the past for young mothers/children and always encouraged healthy eating in my household. Over the next few days I had several eureka moments but to keep a long story short I realised that in the same way bad nutrition, toxin/harmful cosmetics could affect our wellbeing.  After several days of frivolous research, I was shocked that many of the skincare product in my bathroom cupboards were laden with toxin and synthetic chemicals that should never be used by humans.

I now have two problems: treatment to the rash and a bulk of treasured skincare product to throw out!.  The later took no effort because I was left in such disbelieve at how many of the harmful ingredients I discovered in my cosmetics and wished i had discovered that earlier! The result - I embark on a search for natural remedies plus healthy options for skincare for my empty bathroom cupboard.  What came out of this? I research initially, then moved to try making my body cream, soap, wash liquid. That was not cheap but in rejection to using harmful cosmetics, I was going to accord as much value to my skincare as I do with my diet.Unexpectedly, it was not long when I began to notice convincing improvement to the ‘old’ skin rash!

I have hit my jack pot! Encouraged by my findings and result fuel my interest on what nature has to offer health and beauty product and the more i discover the more I want to know, develop and share the excess for free.  

Satisfied my long standing skin problem which I was never truly diagnosed is now resolved.  Now that I have found the solution, and started making my domestic hygiene product, I began to share my story and product whenever met a mum that was experiencing similar problems.  Relieved and excited with my new found hobby I continue to read and try more recipes off the internet. As my interest and search grew, I ran into information about Botanical and enrolled on their ten Cosmetic Formulation course. My growing knowledge, coupled with  excellent course materials moved me to a different level, where I was ready to formally develop my products for an income, I began to source for the raw materials. Some of the butters, oils matched the seller’s description and met my expectations. However, most of the product took over 30 days instead of 5day promised delivery time and it was difficult at times to believe some oils were unadulterated.  Most disappointedly was a large order of shea butter costly low grade shea butter that could not be used.

IT was not enough to know how to make natural beauty product but the desired botanically effects was going to be achieved only from genuinely natural quality ingredients. This is the’ birth place’ of Vitaglow.  With a commitment to offer a brand that will harmonise beauty and health, we needed to go down to source for our own very butter where we are able to guarantee not just the quality but that it has been ethically sourced;  Our butters and Oils are Fair Trade, ethically sourced with our client in mind; W

We believe you are into healthy skincare business because you have the interest of your customers in mind, that to give them safe cosmetics and we exist to help you achieve that.  Our product is our promise. You will not be disappointed and your customers would in turn be satisfy with your care products.

  • It’s not easy to find a product on the market with 100% natural ingredients. Instead the majority of companies get away with including ingredients which are in the name of making their product more attractive. This can be in the form of artificial colours and fragrance or preservatives. There are many natural alternatives but these generally aren’t as cost effective due to expensive sourcing fees and shorter expirations dates etc.
  • In such a competitive market such a competitve industry cosmetic companies need every edge they can get
  • In the US there is far more chemicals that are approved than in Europe but most countries there are many dangerous chemicals used (need factual account of the minimum requirements of what is a safe product)
  • There is no doubt that these products are created to help us (see definition of a cosmetic www...) but often to maximise profit margins formulations include more artificial ingredients. Over the years this has become a standardised practice amoungst cosmetic companies
  • Most of the cosmetics that I had sworn by for decades contained several of these harmful chemicals

Amognst the most common of these are (common harmful chemicals) the see are most extensive list click hear

Personally I have never used an excess of make up products but i do use a mosturiser for my skin everyday and as an african women the have used a multitude of hair products over the years. I realised that all of us everyday probable come into contact with some of these products. Think about the soap you use in the shower, the deodorant we spray or roll on, or the moisturizer on your face, or your lip balm and make up. In our families we all use them but how mindful are we of adverse effects.  

These effects include: (list of problems caused by these harmful chemicals). I’m sure you will have experienced at least a couple of these in your family but did it ever occur to you that your daily regime cosmetics could be causing any of these problems?

As a mum I couldn’t continue to own products such as these in my own house I back in (MONTH) I stopped using and buying any cosmetics products with harmful products. As sadly this included most of them for me the rational solution was to make my own

Today I make my own soaps, moisturizing lotions, face masks, face scrubs, face washes and countless other products that I used to buy. After a few months of doing this for me personally the results have been astounding. My skin breaths and glows and my spots and rashes are gone. I haven’t been for a skin appointment for my kids since and they are improving. I now have confidnce that everything that goes on my body is 100% safe and natural. I feel that all mothers should be informed to make this switch for themselves and their family and that is my purpose in writing. To promote a natural toxin free lifestyle for all families to enjoy.

After reading this post, before you do anything else, this go to your bathroom and look at the first bottle of soap you can find how many of these chemicals are contained in them.

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